Custom Order Icelandic Wool Poncho, Hood, Matching Arm Warmers


Icelandic wool poncho with hood and arm warmers in royal blue. Winter needs to be brightened up a bit with bold color and statement. Toss it on when dashing off for the milk you forgot, a must have for the games you attend with the kids, going from building 1 to 2 in the cold, and best yet, waiting for the power to come back on! I sewed up the side seams a bit to give you more of an armhole and to keep it in place. The hood fits great and helps keep the chill off and the matching striped arm warmers are great to slip on when your filling up gas cans for the generator! 2 toggles at the neck, in black, keep the neck and hood in place.


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Icelandic Wool Poncho with arm warmers
Width-46″, armhole-16″, length-28 1/2″, hood depth-13″. Arm warmer length-12″