Custom ordering is easy!

Most of my sweaters can be ordered "as is" on the "Shop All Sweaters" pages.  You may also select the custom order option of those sweaters and enter your measurements, yarn preference, and color for your custom made sweater.

Custom ordering is easy!

Click here for instructions.

  1. From the selection below, choose and click on the sweater style you would like to have custom made for you.
  2. Choose your yarn type. Many sweaters come with choices of yarn type. Yarn selections vary, depending on the style of sweater.
    Alafoss Lopi - Icelandic 100% Wool, heavy-weight wool, great for warm winter garments that breath. Cozy and lightweight.
    Letti Lopi - Icelandic 100% Wool, half the weight of Alafoss Lopi, great for comfortable wear indoors or outdoors.
    Heritage - Midweight Soft 100% Wool, great for warm, outerwear garments and accessories.
    Butterfly Cotton - 100% Mercerized Cotton, high performing cotton with gorgeous sheen, great for indoor and outdoor garments, holding its shape.
  3. Choose your color.  There are two color charts in the right sidebar to help you with your selection. Most of the yarns I work with come in these colors.  Upon request, I will mail you a piece of yarn to confirm your color selection.
  4. Enter your measurements (see measuring tips below).
  5. Enter your payment and shipping information.  Payment may be made via PayPal or Credit Card.  You will see an option for credit card payment via the PayPal page (you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card).

Measuring Tips:

Click here for tips.

For custom ordering, the best way to measure is to take a sweater you already own and like the fit, lay it on the floor and with a measuring tape/yard stick, measure it!

Chest (just under the armpit and across)
Armpit depth (from shoulder to armpit)
Sleeve length (from shoulder to wrist and from armpit to wrist)
Total length (from shoulder to the bottom of sweater)