Amazing Wool: Facts About Our Favorite Fiber

Buddie Sweaters is all about wool. You probably already know that wool is warm, all- natural, ans incredibly durable and long -lasting. But did you also know that wool is naturally flame resistant, hypoallergenic, is part of a globally sustainable textile industry.

Because of the natural flame resistance of wool and its ability to protect against water, heat and cold; firefighter uniforms were traditionally made of thick wool! When burned, wool will usually smolder and extinguish itself, and will not melt, adhere to skin, or give off toxic fumes in a fire.

Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, which are the primary cause of allergies. It is also naturally UV resistant, offering more protection from the sun than cotton or other plant-based fabrics. Wool is also whats called a hygroscopic fiber, which means it absorbs and releases or absorbs humidity in the air, making it a natural insulator.

Because wool is a natural fiber, grown in the skin of sheep, it is 100% biodegradable. Natural wool fibers can be used in compost, where it will return nutrients to the earth. Healthy sheep will grow a new pelt every year, making wool 100% sustainable.

Wool also one of the most versatile textiles in existence, and can be used for everything from the finest merino bed sheets to heavy coats designed to keep you warm in the coldest temperatures. No matter what your textile needs, chances are, you can find a solution with wool.

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