About Buddie Sweaters


It started in Boston,Ma. when I was looking for a baby sweater for my brothers first born. Not having any luck, I joined a knitting class. After 3 classes they politely asked me to leave…… you see, I’m left handed. I was doing everything backwards and slowed the class down. I started off right away to the Boston library, took all the knitting books out that I could carry, and 6 months later, sold my first children’s collection to that very same store. I haven’t stopped since.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than designing and knitting sweaters, something you won’t see on the”racks” in some big store.. Something that stands the test of time and gracefully gets handed down and around.

About Buddie Sweater Yarns

The yarns that I use mostly are Icelandic Wool, a chunky knit, called Alafoss Lopi; a lighter version of Icelandic Wool, called Lette Lopi, and a mid-weight wool from Canada, called Heritage. For cotton, I use the best i can find, called Butterfly.

To view color cards from these company’s please go to the following sites:
www.istex.is for Icelandic chunky and lette. Click products, click alafosslopi or lette lopi
for heritage: www.Briggsandlittle.com, click on heritage, click on the color to enlarge.
It’s a fun tour of the companies, the history of the wool’s and you’ll see why I love them so much.

Even my buttons are handmade!

favourvalley-buttons My handmade wood buttons are made by Martha Sunderland right here in NH.